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Fiber Tech Roofing is a subsidiary of Blade Tech Services Ltd. and was set up to provide Fibre Glass solutions for the construction industry with Roofing as its main objective. With many years experience in working with Fibre Glass and its BBA approval for flat roof systems Fibre Tech Roofing is well placed to offer its services and solutions to the industry.

Fibre Glass roofing with a life expectancy of 50 years is the most efficient and cost effective means of sealing and waterproofing your flat roof. Its UV protective Top coat can also be applied in any desired RAL colour to mimic Zinc, Copper or lead roofing with no maintenance.

Other Services

  • Wet room Tanking/Waterproofing
  • Pool waterproofing
  • Balcony sealing
  • Non-slip surfaces


Contact Koen Busschots at or +353-87-9874199.